Sunday 14 January 2024

Doodzy Shampoo Foam 250ML - EGY Vet

 Doodzy Shampoo Foam 250ML -  EGY Vet

Doodzy Shampoo Foam 250ML -  EGY Vet

Price:80 EGB

best dry shampoo foam for dogs and cats helps your pets stay safe, sampoo anti-parasitic flea & ticks clean the skin and provides shiny coat to your lovely pet. doodzy water-less foam help your pets stay safe, clean, and smell good with shiny skin. maintain the need for your pets

provide your pets the best shampoo foam that will keep them healthy against flea and tick and make them super clean, especially with shiny skin and clean skin. doodzy shampoo foam for cats and dogs freshen up your pets without stress or time needed for regular bath time. you can use doodzy foam anytime anywhere to keep your pets super clean and smelling fantastic. and prevent the source of odor. just make it with fragrance like other products.

how to use shampoo foam doodzy

shake well before use it should only be used when the coat is dry apply 

pumps into hand and massage evenly from back of ears to tail, carefully avoiding eyes, towel dry to speed up drying process, repeat as necessary. then comb or brush it out thoroughly

❤️❤️ available at EGY Vet - Dr. Ali Abdelrhman branches 🎉🎉

📍Nasr city branch ( 9 Zakreya Othman St., Elserag mall area, Nasr City, Cairo) 👇👇👇

 Egy Vet Clinic - Veterinary Clinic - Egypt .

📍Gardenia City branch( unit G3-110 Gardenia CityWalk Mall, Gardeina City, Cairo) 👇👇👇

EGY Vet Animals Clinic  

📍Skarkia branch ( in front of Military school, Faqus, Sharkia) 👇👇👇

عيادة ايجى فيت بالشرقية - د. على عبدالرحمن - Egy Vet Clinic

☎️ 01201207222



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