Saturday 13 January 2024

Doodzy Classico Cat Food 1Kg - EGY Vet

 Doodzy Classico Cat Food 1Kg - EGY Vet

Doodzy Classico Cat Food 1Kg - EGY Vet

Price : 75 EGB

Doodzy Classico Cat Food is the best economical cat dry food in Egypt.

Doodzy Classico is distinguished by its nutritional ratio, which is rich with 30% protein in addition to fats that help your cat to enjoy and play active and energetic thanks to the best dry food for cats.

❤️❤️ available at EGY Vet - Dr. Ali Abdelrhman branches 🎉🎉

📍Nasr city branch ( 9 Zakreya Othman St., Elserag mall area, Nasr City, Cairo) 👇👇👇

 Egy Vet Clinic - Veterinary Clinic - Egypt .

📍Gardenia City branch( unit G3-110 Gardenia CityWalk Mall, Gardeina City, Cairo) 👇👇👇

EGY Vet Animals Clinic  

📍Skarkia branch ( in front of Military school, Faqus, Sharkia) 👇👇👇

عيادة ايجى فيت بالشرقية - د. على عبدالرحمن - Egy Vet Clinic

☎️ 01201207222



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