Saturday 13 January 2024

Doodzy Treats Cats - EGY Vet

Doodzy Treats Cats - EGY Vet 

Doodzy Treats Cats - EGY Vet

Price: 40 EGB

Doodzy treats for cats are made special formula to maintain your cat need for quality ingredients that make your cat happy with the formula best cat dry food. Make your lovely cat happy with best treats cat cat food from doodzy treats cats will ensure your 
cat joy.

❤️❤️ available at EGY Vet - Dr. Ali Abdelrhman branches 🎉🎉

📍Nasr city branch ( 9 Zakreya Othman St., Elserag mall area, Nasr City, Cairo) 👇👇👇

 Egy Vet Clinic - Veterinary Clinic - Egypt .

📍Gardenia City branch( unit G3-110 Gardenia CityWalk Mall, Gardeina City, Cairo) 👇👇👇

EGY Vet Animals Clinic  

📍Skarkia branch ( in front of Military school, Faqus, Sharkia) 👇👇👇

عيادة ايجى فيت بالشرقية - د. على عبدالرحمن - Egy Vet Clinic

☎️ 01201207222


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